Silver Jewellery Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions:

What quality of material is used in your jewellery?

All the silver jewellery is hallmarked "925" or "Sterling Silver".
The high polish finish is a sterling silver plating.

How do I care for sterling silver?

One of the main properties of sterling silver is that it tarnishes i.e. it goes black.

The easiest way to clean the jewellery is to wash it in warm water with a drop of
dishwashing liquid, rinse it thoroughly in cold water, and make sure that you dry
the jewellery properly.

If this does not work, the jewellery can be polished and we have polishing cloths in stock.

The third option is to dip the jewellery in jewellery cleaner, rinse thoroughly in cold
water and dry properly.

We also hold jewellery cleaner in stock.

Some people cannot wear silver. Either they have an allergy and may develop a rash
from wearing it, or the silver may tarnish and then not come clean after washing it.

Can I return and exchange items?

We have a 3-month return period against manufacturing faults, not against tarnishing.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques and credit cards.

You can also do a direct deposit into our bank account.
Our banking details are:
First National Bank Branch
Park Meadows Branch Code: 25 66 55
Account Number: 552 712 08389

What discounts do you offer?

All our prices exclude VAT. If a customer spends R1,250.00 or more, he or she will be given a 20% discount.

What are your courier charges?

All courier fees are added onto the invoice. The minimum charge is R80.00 for overnight delivery.

The heavier the parcel, the more the courier charges will be.

What is your privacy policy?

All customer information is strictly confidential and will not be given to anyone for any reason whatsoever.


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